Beautiful Modern Tiny A-Frame Cabin Design Idea


I have come up with a beautiful modern tiny a-frame cabin design idea that you can make for yourself in your vacation spots. With this design, you will live the most comfortable life on your short-term vacations.

A-Frame Cabin Exterior Design

Located on a very small plot, this design offers access to the building from one side. Windows are also placed on the roof to allow the space to benefit from natural light. The color palette is back and polished wood. Although they are problematic in terms of harmony with each other, they don’t look too bad.


With its own patio, it is possible to spend time in the environment. The natural environment has created an isolated environment thanks to the walls covered with ivy. The image of the walls covered with leaves is a very nice detail.

A-Frame Cabin Interior Design

Adopting the tiny a-frame cabin design, the building uses a sequential room layout. Living area, a portable kitchen in the living area, bedroom and bathroom. This design is actually the best way to utilize the space. In this way, the space of the entire a frame cabin is used in the best way. Each room is ensured to have enough space in itself. Contrasting colors were chosen as color palettes. Snow white on the roof covering and dark and contrasting colors on the walls separating the rooms. Each room is made to make itself known.


 A modern living room welcomes us at the entrance. Although the kitchen seems to be sufficient, it lacks basic needs. It would have been better to allocate one side of the building as a complete kitchen.


When we look at the bedroom, it can meet the needs of a couple. However, there is no room for adult children


When we look at the bathroom, it can meet basic needs. The need for hot water was solved with a small heater.

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